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The Best Online Bookies are Looking For Your Sports Passion and Betting Skills!

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Top Online Bookies

Even though a type of gambling, sports betting is an activity that requires from you many other things along with the love to take risks. When it comes to betting in the best betting sites there are many different sides you should consider. The biggest challenge for some is gauging how good you really are as a gambler. Have you got what it takes? Do you possess that certain something. The best online bookies are looking for your sports passion. They want you to love sports and bet readily. What they don’t want is for you to have much skill. The betting skills are what you need to make the whole thing a success for yourself. Indeed, in order to realise some really good final profits, you will need to be a real sports lover and also have properer analytical skills. Because at top betting sites you want to take advantage of the better odds and use your knowledge as part of an all round strategy.

Preliminary Information About Sports Bookies

To join the best online betting sites first it is best to understand the essence behind the sports bookie in general. Putting it simply bookies want your money. They are in business to make cash. To do this they need a balanced book with a profit margin. To achieve this they offer odds on a particular outcome. They will offer the best odds on the outcome they least expect and then on the opposite outcome they will offer poorer odds. They have a formula to make sure that the sum of the odds is always in their favour. Most if not all of the top betting sites have a big name in the business behind them even the less reputable ones! The best betting sites have a solid financial reputation and keep the cash available to pay out winnings. The measure of a great sports book is the number of options available. Not just the number of different sports, all of them will have football, tennis, basketball cricket etc. The best will have horse racing, bandy, floor ball and a host of other less popular sports as well. The way you can bet on these sports is important as well. Known as markets the best online betting sites will have numerous types of bets. Handicaps, over unders, triples, parlays these are just a few. The top online bookies can have as many as 200+ markets on one single game of football from the Premier League. Then you have the live betting option. All good bookies will have live action to bet on. Once you start putting your skills to the test when a game is actually in progress that’s when the fun really starts.

Top Online Bookmakers

How To Recognize The Top Betting Sites

Unfortunately, there is no golden rule to picking the best bookie. There is no checklist that can guarantee you choose the best. First of all, it is always up to the player’s personal preferences and tastes. For example some people just love to gamble on tennis matches so they would rate a bookie that covered all of the tours available, higher than one that just had a couple. Meanwhile, some gamblers will prefer to have more betting bonuses, while others will rate the reliability factor higher than anything. The thing is while there are a lot of personal preferences, there are some things that are universally wanted. We can give you some hints to help you recognize the top betting sites. These are factors and features that turn ordinary sports betting websites into some of the best betting sites ever. Have a read and consider the following characteristics when you sign on with a new bookie to test your sports knowledge and your analytical skills.

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Strong reputation

Best online bookiesSince betting in sports has become so popular these days, it means there are many different bookmakers – new and good ones – that you can choose from. It is a bit of a nightmare to figure out which one is really any good. There are so many to choose from that the task is mammoth. However, if a bookmaker has a strong reputation, you should be confident that you have landed at a safe place for your money and your personal data. A good reputation is hard earned and top of the page in an online search is not necessarily a recommendation. This just means their marketing is good. A good advertising campaign can get a brand out there very quickly. It can build client base in a short time and seem to be very good indeed. Have a care popularity for a new brand is sometimes just a honeymoon period. Join some forums and ask the guys that have been doing this for a while. There are some longstanding sites that know what’s what, a lot of the top bookies are also offering a casino games experience so it is always a good way to check the lists with the best online casinos if you want to find good bookies as well.

Safety and trustworthiness

These two factors are both equal and dependant on each other so we put them in one category. This is possibly the most important factor when deciding which are your best online bookies. Safety means good regulation, you need to know that the bookie is legit. Fast financial transactions, you don’t want your money delayed in the system. The strongest security for your personal data protection – there are too many hackers that want to steal your life. The trustworthiness is tied to all of the above. Without one you can’t have the other. You can’t trust a crook so you need to have strong regulatory oversight. You can’t trust somebody that won’t pay out quickly. There is no way you can trust a bookie that lets your information leak!

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The services are usually divided into two groups, when it comes to the best betting websites. First of all customer support services are so important. You need to be able to speak to somebody if there are questions or issues. Try to look for a bookie that has 24/7 customer support in your own language. Many sporting events take place during the night and in case of an issue you want to contact the bookies representatives in order to cope with the problem fast enough to return to the betting arena as soon as possible. Other services and features provided on the top betting sites include special privileges for some gamblers. These could be raised limits and discounts, a help centre for beginners in sports betting, personal account management etc. The best online bookies have stats pages that will help you work out your strategy. An informed gambler is a wise gambler!

Cool bonus systems

There’s no doubt that some of the best online betting sites have the best bonus systems. Many of the most well-known bookies are known for their generous bonuses. Don’t be wooed by bonuses alone. Some of the top betting site have very little in the way of typical bonuses. What they do have are promotions running with free bets or insurance against non runners or offers of this kind. There are, of course, the welcome bonuses but be wary of something that looks to good too be true, it usually is. So while a top bookie will offer promotions remember they’re in business to make money. They will spend money to make money but they won’t throw it away.

Best odds

Odds are one of the important features a player looks at once he enters a brand new sports betting website. The odds will ultimately determine how much you get out of the deal. Finding the best odds available can be a bit of a chore. There are a lot of forums and dedicated websites ‘guaranteeing the best odds’. Don’t be fooled by them but use them as a guide. More than a few of them are paid by bookies to drum up trade. Check the odds yourself. It doesn’t take that long to do a quick comparison with the top bookies. The thing is that the odds will be different with different bookmakers. This is part of how a bookie balances their books. So shop around. It pays to have a couple of accounts with different brands to take advantage of better prices. Most reputable bookies display their odds in all of the different formats. American, decimal, fractional and some even have a totally different layout and format for the Asian market.

Availability of sports betting opportunities

Or in other words, to appear in the list of the best online betting sites, a bookie should meet each customer’s needs and requirements as to the bet and betting types. A top rated bookie must have a comprehensive list of sports to gamble on. Of course, the most popular ones must be covered. Football is top of the pile with 76% of the gambling world backing a footie match. But there are 25% left that never even glance at the scores let alone bet on them. So tennis, basketball, hockey etc. all have to be readily available along with enough markets to keep you interested.

Covering all the leagues

The best online betting sites are full of all the minor and major leagues. In other words, the best websites for betting are those that cover all the leagues, not just the most popular ones like the Premier League and UEFA Champions League, for instance. And they should, because to tell you the truth, you can get great odds and score some good money from the minors. So if you are an advanced bettor or just want a bit more of a gamble, look for these kinds of betting websites.

Reliable betting platform

Different sports betting websites have their own different betting platforms. We mean that they generate their websites and the betting activity for each of the audience via specific software types. There are good platforms, but there are also bad ones. How to distinguish the good one, though? In most cases, if a bookie has its own individually made platform then it has spent some money and it should be reliable. The fact is though there are plenty of really good off the shelf software platforms these days. Take a trial run at a bookies and test the software – if you are not happy don’t use them.

Other Good Bookies

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Some Special Guides For Finding The Best Online Betting Sites

Oline Sports BettingAnd finally we have reached the part of our introduction into the world of top betting sites, where we can give you some particular guides for your research for the best online betting sites. These are only tips you can use, and the list is not exhaustive. Also, some of these guides may not work with all of the bookies.

As a conclusion there are a stack of different parameters when it comes to choosing the right bookies for you. There are only a few that are a given. Do not gamble with a bookie that doesn’t have a checkable legitimate license. If just about every forum says don’t trust a particular site they are probably on to something. The one best tip we can give is to test the water. Make a small deposit when you find a bookie you want to give a try. Make a bet, then if you win withdraw the money and see how long it takes. See if you have trouble. The next best piece of advice is to make sure you have fun. Good luck and pick the winners.